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                          1. 駿強五金



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                            Shen zhen JunQiang Hardware Products Co., Ltd., is a professional manufacturer of all kinds of screws, nuts, springs, and all kinds of metal stamping parts and auto lathe parts Hardware products manufacturers, and its production mainly the various GB screws, non-standard screws, nutsspring, and all kinds of metal stamping parts and auto lathe parts and other metal products, customers and electro-mechanical products, suitable for TV, computer, DVD, switching power supply, speakers, instruments and a variety of electronics, appliances, etc. in addition, the company is underthe need to develop the production of special specifications and performance of hardware products, metal products to meet customers' various needs.
                            The company produces well-equipped, state-of-the-art testing technology, perfect management system, metal products production, the process of testing and factory, we pay attention to each one detail, quality checks at each level, as the core of the production of high-quality hardware products. Adhering to the "customer satisfaction as a precondition to technical personnel backed by "the principle of selection of personnel, operating procedures and training to improve the overall quality of the workers and management to ultimately improve the comprehensive competitiveness of enterprises.
                            The company has passed the ISO9001: 2008 quality system certification and organization of automobile production and related accessories ISO9001: 2008 the special requirements of ISO/TS16949 quality system certification. Chun intensity eternal pursuit of excellence, and provide satisfactory service commitment, we attach great importance to the cooperation opportunity, an opportunity to seek common development with customers, and the principle of "customer win-win" for a better future!
                            Reasonably tight, efficient organizational structure and freedom, democracy, and a flexible approach to business,
                            Reflects Chun strongman's group combined with the spirit, and the maturing of the organizational structure, efficiency and freedom, democracy, and flexible operation, tacit personnel with the always penetrated into all aspects of the business, and the strategic objectives, close social benefits connected based on the community, so as to win the trust of society.

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